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Data Visualization and Dashboard Design for PSI Software

The PSI Group develops and integrates software for utilities, manufacturers and infrastructure providers. However the PSI Software hasn’t change its data visualisation since 10 years, it’s time to make it up to date and develop the mobile version.

My role in the team was an UI designer. We did research on design trends of dashboard design. We got the information architecture from PSI, based on it, we designed the charts and the dashboards for mobile, tablet and desktop. Meanwhile, we were communicating with the developer team frequently to make sure that they are able to program it. In the end we provided the UI style guide.

The original dashboard of PSI Software. Photo: PSI

The newly designed dashboard

Responsive layout grid

The colour system
PSI has a color theme with one primary color, and five additional colors, in order to present infographics clearly.

PSI uses one typeface: Noto Sans. The type scale provides the typographic variety necessary for the content.

Prototype on desktop

Prototype on mobile in default theme

Prototype on mobile in dark theme

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